We import a variety of products. These products are imported from well-brands and reputable companies.

Lenze is a popular brand in DSC engineering. It has a range of products which helps the machines operate efficiently which includes Inverters, Motors, Gearboxes and controls. Lenze uses high-quality raw materials which makes all its products long- lasting and help increase the overall efficiency.

This brand has four different types of product lines. They provide interfaces for machines which help in signal conversion. They also serve motion controls for drives and provide panel meters to monitoring control signals. Apart from this, it provides all sorts of accessories necessary for machines to operate efficiently.

This brand offers DC motor controller of which your machines work. They offer a
variety of models which can be used for different machines. They have many different models in DC motor controller with different sizes and for different type of applications. Each has their benefits like some our compact; most of them are reliable and efficient. These DC motor controls are cost-friendly which can be used for longer periods.

Orange1 Electric Motors produces single-phase and three-phase asynchronous motors with one or two speeds (single or double winding), motors with brakes and low center distance. It offers a wide range of highly sophisticated and innovative products to meet the needs of customers and to build the ideal synergies for the business growth.

VASCAT designs and develops customized variable speed motor. It can offer innovative solutions, which use the best materials to ensure the product quality and simplify the process in motor selection for their individual applications.

Every industry has its own requirements for machine operation. For this reason, we have developed a DCS SYSTEM that meet the exact requirements. Mini PLC’s and Remote I/O’s can be installed at control cabinets / operating panels. The corresponding performance and technology, can be adapted to many applications.