Efficient and Flexible Solutions for Production and Manufacturing Plants

We design, develop and implement Technical Control Solutions for selective requirements of our clients along with full range of Automation Systems on a Vendor-Independent hardware basis.

Customized Process Control Systems

Our process Control Systems provide a clear overview of running processes while supplying data that helps with tasks including process optimization and material consumption. Intuitive user guidance and intelligently designed system makes plant operation easier and prevents operator errors while lowering the cost of training new personnel.

From Standard Products to Customized Solutions.

We can customize the applications according to our customers’ requirements. This applies to hard and software in the same way as to the engineering activities and project planning tools.
Our Service Include:
  • Planning of sophisticated Automation Systems
  • Project Planning
  • Client-Specific Hardware Planning
  • Preparation of Customer Documentation using CAD Systems
  • Software Development for Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
  • Systems Integration
  • Modernization of outdated Automation Systems (e.g. replacement of the older centralized Simatic S5 Systems with new Simatic S7 system with decentralized modules)
  • SCADA Operation System with optimized Human-machine Interface (HMI)