DSC Genie is a Smart Factory solution for manufacturing factories that can provide production efficiencies while increasing profitability through machine and production up-time. GENiE is offering cloud-based system for clients to make data driven decisions at the touch of a button.

DSC genie was also built in with a Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence that enable factories and manufacturing facilities to transform towards Industry 4.0. GENiE is a solution to management blindside of Manufacturing facilities, by providing Big Data Analytics which allows machine learning and problems to be solved and adaptive decisions to be made in a timely fashion via “Data Driven Decision”.

DSC will provide these solutions for you:

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Increase in Profit

Enable AI Predictive Maintenance

Energy Savings

Reduce downtime to ZERO

Collect Real Time Facility Data on Single Dashboard

No matter what brand of machines you have, our Genie application is designed to help you track and manage your manufacturing from your desktop, laptop or your mobile devices.