• Automation Consultation<

    Automation Consultation

    Automation Consultation


    D.S.C Engineering is providing all aspects of automation engineering and information management. Our mission is to help our clients achieve a competitive edge in their respective markets through the integration of real-time control and information systems.

  • Project Management<

    Project Management

    Project Management


    D.S.C Engineering is providing project management discipline of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve customer specific goals.

  • Software Customisation<

    Software Customisation

    Software Customization


    D.S.C Engineering works closely with customer to customize the solution based on customer's specific needs. Customizations involve the changing the functionality, workflow, and processes of the product to fit specific business needs

  • Drives Repair<

    Drives Repair

    Drivers' repairs


    D.S.C Engineering provides service to troubleshoot, rectify, and repair and then functional test for inverters and motors on certain condition.

  • Education & Training<

    Education & Training

    Education & training


    D.S.C Engineering provides 'In house training' and 'on site short training' for theoretical background for LENZE Inverter, teach on how to troubleshoot the inverter and do parameter setting.

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11 January 2014 - DSC Engineering celebrate 20th Anniversary

11 January 2014 - DSC Engineering celebrate 20th Anniversary